Tuesday, September 14, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 45

Dependent on knowledge map: the role of the new staff can quickly access

Many older employees a company has a wealth of experience and knowledge, we can put this knowledge and experience is very convenient to transfer to our new staff, so that a company make full use of existing resources and create more value.

Rely on e-cology Weaver created a lot of knowledge map, knowledge map that is a 24 脳 7 on-call teacher to tell new employees to their job, what they need to have the ability, through what they need link to Wan Cheng of the system's familiar with what they need to understand business management knowledge, the knowledge they need to know to complete the sales, project implementation, product development, through what channel they get any resources available from the company.

Pan micro-dependent "knowledge map" a very good transfer of knowledge to complete the function, so that more new employees into the role as soon as possible.


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